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Slackin' on the RSVP

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Are you worried that some of your guest may not RSVP for your party? Well here are 5 tips that can help you battle these pesky guests!


  • Be Specific! Let your guest know exactly how to RSVP for your wedding and have a deadline! If you are using Snail Mail, make sure you ask for the RSVPs to be sent TWO weeks BEFORE you actually need the responses to arrive.


  • Give Options. Allow guests to RSVP in a manner they are comfortable with. Via text, email, or snail mail. Everyone is different, so make it convenient for them.


  • Stay Organized. Make sure that when the responses start coming in, you store them in one place as well as the responses. A great example is to use a guest list and RSVP spreadsheet. If you are using snail mail, make sure to assign each person with a number and then number each card. You would be surprised how many cards are returned without a name.


  • Follow Up (Gently). Sometimes your guests are really busy. Just give them a gentle reminder that the RSVP deadline is coming out. Email is the best way to reach out to them.


  • Plan Ahead. Do not wait three days before you need the numbers for your catering. This will leave you in a panic. Give yourself friendly reminders on a day calendar to help you remind yourself. This way, you do not end up freaking out and calling everyone at last minute.



What are some ways to get your guests to RSVP, that you can think of?
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