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Cheers to That, Britain!

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It all started with a hottie name Lewis who came out dressed like he may have just finished catering a corporate event; bow tie loose, shirt buttoned down a little bit. He tells the judges he will be singing for them - then surprises us with a pleasantly raspy voice performing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.

Yes Lewis, let’s.

Next thing you know, the mic goes out, and 4 members of the “crew” rush out; leaving us all to believe this poor guy just got cut off. So embarrassing. The judges looked alarmed and frustrated, but then...


Did you watch it!? RIGHT!!?? We know!! Hot damn!


Not at all what you were expecting, huh? Live entertainment that offers both a hot singer AND talented male dancers? Fairly exotic dancers, at that! Yes, please. For the love of hunky dancers, where the heck can we see THESE guys?


Sure, you can hire a stripper or two to come dance around or you and your bridesmaids can take your little tiara wearing behinds to a male revue. But where in the world do they do this - and do they deliver? All I know is those bodies, and that “decent enough” voice - I mean who’s really listening to the singing once the shirts come off? - sure know how to put on a good show. Would be a great idea for a bachelorette party!


Who wants to see these guys in action?
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