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Under-Bloomed; Over-Budget.

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Are your favorite flowers in season and ready to go for your wedding day? Or are you going to find yourself paying out the arse for your favorite flowers because you forgot to research if they were in season or not when you were choosing your wedding date?




If you are not a wedding planner or a botanist, most people probably wouldn’t even think about whether or not a flower is readily available for their big day. Most will just assume the flower they want will be at the flower shop or florist, bloomed and ready to go when many times that’s not the case. If you don’t care how much you’re spending on your flowers than this is hardly something to concern yourself with, but picking out-of-season flowers could result in you going over budget or having to overspend on your particular flower.

Thanks to The Budget Savvy Bride, we are able to provide you with these beautiful examples of some flowers that are in season in different months of the year!





What flowers did you choose for your big day, and were they in season?!
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