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Now That's Some "Fly" Wedding Photography

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Drones are awesome remote-controlled helicopters that come in several shapes and sizes. These image-capturing, “unmanned aircrafts” are becoming more and more popular in the bridal market with their typically very powerful cameras strapped aboard. If you are looking to bag some great quality aerial footage for your wedding, maybe it’s time to look into one of these bad boys.

Even though some drones can produce gorgeous, cinematic aerial shots, they do have a few cons; like noisiness. But at a few hundred feet into the air, I think they’re worth it to capture a macro view of your wedding that’s pretty much invisible to your guests until they see it compiled into a rockin' wedding video.

Of course, like any investment in life, you want to pay attention to a few things when purchasing this quadrocopter or the services of one. First and foremost, make sure drones are allowed at your wedding venue and whether or not they require insurance; because let’s face it, anything can happen and we don’t want to be ass-out if wind starts to pick up out of nowhere launching an eight-bladed aircraft into your mother-in-laws face after she just got her hair and make up perfected.

With that in mind, wineries, beaches and gorgeous estates make for fairytale aerial shots; especially if the weather is nice. Beware of areas with lots of trees or electrical wires, as well as, indoor locations or tented weddings. It will be pretty much impossible for a drone to be effective in these types of areas. Oh, and if there’s ANY chance for rain or wind, you may as well forget about it - you will most likely have to ground your sky-stalker to eliminate any chance of disaster or destruction... We also want to save your mother-in-law from a broken nose.

Though it’d be much cheaper to buy and operate a drone on your own for your big day, it’s recommended you actually hire a professional drone photographer; not only to capture the BEST of your wedding, but to also keep things safe.


Bet you wouldn’t think to fly the drone at an angle so you can capture your guest’s actual bodies and faces, rather than the tops of their heads! Would ya? Would ya?


See, that’s why you need a professional, but you can expect to tack on anywhere up to $800 for "add-on" drone photography services. Some photographers or videographers already offer a drone service in their set price or as part of their package deals, and others can charge by the hour.

Either way, It is truly a beautiful way to capture all of the wondreful angles of your special day! All you need to do is shop around a little bit, do your research - and remember to consider your mother-in-law's face, hair, and make up. :-D



Would you buy a drone or hire someone to operate one to catch your wedding from above?!
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