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Save a Few Bucks

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Because a wedding can be stressful when it comes to the pockets, we want to help try and releive some of that. There are plenty ways you can save money for your wedding, we've come up with just a few.

Check it out:



It’s not very hard to request songs from your guests, include it on your RSVP cards, and when you get them back you can build an entire playlist yourself! Play your playlist from a Laptop that hooks up to good speakers and you’re set! Not to mention you won’t have to worry about whether or not your guests will enjoy the music because you already know they will LOVE it since they created it!


DIY Invitations

IMO, Clean & Simple trumps complex & cluttered, so making your own invitations can be an EASY way to save money. Simply buy some blank card stock, print your details on them, and add a special touch to it by using watercolors. Or, nowadays, digital invites are very popular.



DIY Favors & Keepsakes

Seriously, maybe it sounds cheap to you, but the results come out Oh-So-Elegant and Rich. Buy small glass jars in bulk, along with a bulk order of succulents, and some decorative stones at the dollar store and make mini succulent jars. Personalize them by writing your Guests name on the glass.


Open Bar? Nah.

Open bars coast a couple grand, at the very least. Buy your own alcohol, wine or beer at a wholesale price and provide it yourself! Mix up your own batches of Margarita in giant plastic barrels and creatively display them on a beverage table. Believe me, alcohol is alcohol. Nobody is going to be mad at a table full of booze as opposed to an open bar; as long as they can get drunk.



Cookies over Cake?

Ditch the cake and make a cookie mountain!! I don’t know about you, but personally I enjoy cookies more than I enjoy cake! Being from a big italian family, at every wedding we have at least 2 tables full of homemade cookies by all of our aunties, sisters, mothers, cousins and even uncles!



If you’re like me, you love to put on a pretty face. And who better knows your contour lines then you?! I’m quite picky when it comes to makeup. My lips have to be done a certain way, my contours have to be done a certain way, and to be honest every makeup I’ve ever experienced I felt I ended up either looking basic or not like myself. So why not just do your makeup yourself for your wedding!? After all, he’s marrying the YOU he sees every day, not some “NEW” or “different” version of you.

See there are plenty of ways to save some money when it comes to your wedding! And remember, you have friends, bridesmaids, mothers, sisters, and a maid of honor for a reason! USE THEM. I mean, don’t take advantage, but ask them for help, that’s what they are here for!




What are some ideas you can contribute to saving on your wedding day?
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