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Trash the Dress

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Because who DOESN’T want to jump into the mud or the ocean in their $1,500 wedding gown?

This trend has grown more and more popular over the years, but I think rocking the frock started off with simply jumping in a pool or popping the bubbly all over the bride in order to ruin her dress. However, after several years of tradition, it’s grown more and more and gotten more interesting.

We've already seen the jumping from cliffs into your destination weddings oceans, so we decided to ask a number of people to give us their most creative ideas on how to Trash-the-Dress. Majority of them incorporated paint - who would have thought. Here are their responses:

“I would totally set up a few flat pans of paint that matched the theme and decorations of my wedding, and then AFTER the reception, let all of my guests choose a color to dip their hand in and make their stamp on my dress!! They can decide whether or not they want to cut out their hand and take it home as a wedding favor! How cool would that be? I would save the breast area for later, my hubby can stamp those! :-)” - Janette D.


“My wife and I are already married, but if she ever wants to renew our vows and is down to trash her dress I’ll suggest going paintballing with all the groomsmen and bridesmaids - it'll be like combined post-bachelor/bachelorette party! The bridesmaid can change if they want!! I think Becka would actually love that!” - Brian S.


“What if the bride and groom bought a large blank canvas, and had a live graffiti or airbrush artist come and create something really unique and special for the two of them while making the bride PART of the work!? She can stand against the canvas and let him spray can her gown! Yes! That rocks! Would probably be a really cool wedding gift too!” - Matthew T.


“Why not just make your dress all sparkly! Like, first I guess let everyone throw paint on you or something that will act as an adhesive, and then jump in a tub of glitter or something! Spray it with hairspray after to preserve it :-D” - Danesha T.

“I’ve seen those events that have like powder paint, I think it’s called a color run. But that seems kind of cool! Just have your guests launch handfuls of powder paint at your gown as you and your hubby dash out the door for your honeymoon.” - DJ M.


“Burn it! Set fire to it… probably should take it off first, but it’d be pretty cool for a professional photographer to capture those images in some creative way.” - Maria R.


“I’m doing a mud run, in my tux… so when my girlfriend and I decide to get married she should probably be mentally prepared for that ahead of time. Actually, I should probably talk to her about it now, give her like a year before actually proposing to her to think about it.” - Derek B.


“We had our wedding on farm, and our reception was hosted in a barnyard - because we raise farm animals so it only felt right - So, we actually ended up trashing my dress on accident by snuggling in the hay with the farm animals for our wedding video and photos. And I’m talking dirty pigs, sheep, cows and horses. So there’s one idea” - Molly Sue W.


I thought a lot of these were really fun and colorful! So, if you're not concerned about the money, or planning on taking your dress back afetr the wedding (uh huh, we know some of you bargain bunnies are into that) - the hell with it! Why not make some memories that are worth the $1,500! I mean, it IS the only time you're ever going to wear it, so you may as well ruin it afterwards, throw a little glitter on it and then frame it, right?!

Brides & Grooms, tell us how you would want to trash the dress!
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