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Prepping An Autumn Affair

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Autumn, a beautiful time of year. Golden leaves falling from the trees, calm weathers that seem a bit eerie, but super relaxing. I love Autumn, don’t you! There’s always a unique smell to the air, also, that I can’t explain. Though the weather is usually beautiful, there are still some things to consider when preparing for a Fall wedding; like the flowers and all the Holidays you may need to take into consideration.



 What you should prepare for:


  • Temperature drops in the evening times. The weather may be beautiful and amazingly comfortable during the day, but come night time, your guests may want to be prepared with a coat or pullover. Or this pleasant alternative; set up heat lamps in outdoor areas or embrace the fall season with a couple lovely fire pits.



  • The Flower arrangements. This is something you might need to get a little creative with. Since so many popular wedding flowers are not in season during this time, you might want to consider arranging your own bouquet with some alternative foliage like cotton plants and wheat! They make for lovely Fall Bouquets!


  • Lastly, don’t forget to check the dates! There are a lot of popular holidays in the Fall; Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Halloween, etc. Wouldn’t want your guests to skip out on your big day because of your poor scheduling skills. :-D JK, no but really, don’t plan your wedding around a Holiday, no one wants to miss out on having a Holiday with their family to go to a wedding… the honest truth.



What are some other things you may need to prep for a Fall Wedding?
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