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Sheer Comes The Bride

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Tasteful nudity. Dad, you might want to sit back and watch the game, this one probably won’t make you happy. A lot of women are exploring this trend of nude gowns and they're not as bad as you would think, depending on the style and exactly how much skin is showing...but a little too much and you're going to give off the wrong idea..

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something...Nude?

Inside Edition

Well, it’s no surprise that ladies are starting to reveal more skin on their wedding day then their wedding night when you have influential celebrities like Rihanna wearing nothing but Swarovski crystals to the CFDA awards or Kim K rocking her “China: Through the Looking Glass” themed bits of fabric at the Met Gala. Extremely gorgeous and jaw-dropping, but hardly qualifies as a clothing - seeing as they hardly cover anything up.

The desire to show more and more skin is backed by modern Hollywood, so let’s just say there’s little hope for more fabric. Sorry mom, but the hand-me-down days are pretty much over and the ever conservative and bridal cliches are on their way out, as well. Don't get me wrong, there are many women who still partake in fully covering up, many who still partake in keeping it old-fashion, but others are falling into the trap of glamour presented to us every day by mass media. Not to say it's good or bad, but definitely influential.   

For new millenial brides, it’s no longer about walking down the aisle, but about walking down their own red carpet.

"How can I achieve a Rihanna, Kim, or Beyonce look on my wedding day?"

And hell, it's not a BAD thing if you're doing it in a self-respectable way. Exposing our chest berries or throwing our fupas and donks around for Uncle Jerry and your great Aunt Meredith to have nasty thoughts or a heart attack from is probably not ideal - but to each their own, right? You want to flaunt it all go ahead, no one can stop you - but there are PLENTY of ways to go about showing some skin in your wedding dress without showing it all.

Women are finding it empowering to wear wedding dresses made of nothing but tulle and a few embellishments. Kudos to you if you can pull that off. I guess my personal advice to those looking to "BARE a little flesh" would be to indulge in a gown that has an element of sheerness, rather than being completely sheer. Maybe a bit of mesh around the waist or a lacey top portion, but to be completely revealing might not be so flattering; even if you DO have JLo's body. 


How are some ways YOU would wear a naked dress?
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Tina D.
Love sheer.. it can be so sexy but still elegant.