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The Great Outdoors

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Today we are becoming more and more aware of the amazing impacts that nature and outdoors can have on our health. The smells of nature, the picturesque scenery, the feel of the grass between our toes - they are all food for the soul. In fact, research has found that spending time outdoors comes along with a variety of different health benefits. Not only can being outdoors boost your energy, but it can also improve your vision, reduce your pain, restore your focus, boost your immune system functioning, and enhance your creativity!

But what about for your wedding?
Well, the outdoors holds many benefits for that too!
With an outdoor wedding, the world is your oyster.




Indoor weddings can be constricting. You are limited to space, you are limited to a certain date, you are limited to how long you can reserve the venue, and so on and so forth. But with outdoor weddings you can choose any location you want, and in most cases you can reserve it for as long as you like without having to worry about the next bride and groom showing up. Not only that, but outdoor weddings can be extremely meaningful. Choose your favorite vacation destination, or book your wedding where you had your first date.


The skies the limit! 




Outdoor weddings = more opportunity


As we just mentioned above, indoor weddings can be constricting, especially in space. This really limits what you can do. But outdoor weddings are generally much more spacious. This means you don't have to feel crowded, and your guests have more space to move around. Not only that, but it really opens up the options for wedding festivities - so bring on the games and dancing!


Amazing Photo-Ops


With outdoor weddings, the photo-ops are endless. Sure, you can make indoor wedding venues look pretty, but nothing compares to the scenery of the outdoors. Not only that, but the outdoors gives you the perfect lighting to make you look extra flawless in your photos!

Booked your wedding on a rainy date? Don't let that get you down - the rain makes for amazing photoshoots, too!




Of course, we couldn't finish this post without referring back to the many benefits that come along with nature. If a walk outdoors can boost your mood, improve your energy, restore your focus, and enhance your creativity, just imagine what it could do for you when you're adrenaline is already pumping on your big day! 



Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor wedding?
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