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Engagement Season Drinking Game

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With the first week of the new year over with, I’m hoping that we are all sufficiently on the right track towards a happy and healthy new year after a month of holiday feasting and alcohol fueled family arguments. But don’t put that champagne glass down just yet, we are still in the midsts of a proposal pandemic and there are plenty more toasts to be made!




If you have been within five feet of social media in the last couple weeks and have at least 20 Facebook friends, you probably feel like literally everyone and their mothers are getting engaged, and well, it’s kind of true! Now, this might not be a new phenomenon but just like every other fad in the 21st century, it has finally been given a name: Engagement Season.


This new season basically spans from Thanksgiving all the way through Valentine’s Day, making it the longest, and now the most talked about, season of the year. Pictures of diamond rings, snowcovered proposals, and golden retrievers holding “My humans are getting married!” signs are plaguing news feeds everywhere and it is amazing!


Buzzfeed has taken Engagement Season to a whole new level and prepared an Engagement Season Drinking Game - literally all of my favorite words in one sentence! Engagement Season is quickly become our favorite time of year because after you post that perfect Instagram pic, it’s wedding planning time!  


So without further ado, here is Buzzfeed’s amazing and highly intoxicating, Engagement Season Drinking Game:  

• You stalk the hashtag: 1 pint of beer

• Someone you haven’t talked to in 5 years gets engaged: 1 pint of beer

• “I get to marry my best friend!”: 1 glass of wine

• “I’m so lucky!”: 1 glass of wine

• “I/she/he said yes!”: 1 glass of wine

• “Somehow, ____ agreed to marry me!”: 2 glasses of wine

• Your mom starts dropping hints: 2 glasses of wine

• The announcement gets 200+ likes: 1 pint of beer

• The news sparks a group text: 2 pints of beer

• A ridiculously clever wedding hashtag: 1 martini

• The engagement ring is mind-blowingly pretty: 2 glasses of wine

• It happens on a vacation: 2 pints of beer

• There’s a cute dog in a proposal picture: 3 pints of beer

• You not-so secretly hope you’ll be invited: 2 glasses of wine

• It happens on a holiday: 2 martinis

• You accidentally like an acquaintance’s ring pic: 3 glasses of wine

• You witnessed their first hookup: 3 pints of beer

• A friend’s parent gets engaged: 2 martinis

• You’re asked to be in the wedding: 3 martinis

• Your sibling gets engaged: 4 pints of beers

• Your BFF gets engaged: 4 martinis

• You become the last single AF friend: 4 glasses of wine

• An ex gets engaged: 5 glasses of wine

• You get engaged: 5 martinis

So whether you are the one getting popped the question to, or you just can’t wait for this entire season to be over, embrace the new changes that come with a fresh year!

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