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What Type of Wife are you?

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There is a large spectrum on the types of wives out there. They are so varied that we cannot classify any one wife as just one particular type, honestly. We did our best to break it down into the majority of characteristics that stand out.


Warning: Many of them have a bit of an edge - a little spice.



1. The Alpha Wife: Ever heard the question “who wears the pants in the relationship?” Well, these women do. These are the wives with careers that Trump their mens, and if that doesn’t poke at their ego enough, these women actually put their husbands down for not being "capable" or "manly enough" to “bring home the bacon”...Shame on you ladies.


2. The Unsure Wife: The wives that run to their sister, mom or friend to verify advice that her husband gave her in order to know if she should listen to his advice or not. Stop it, now - you are a grown woman - first consult yourself and if there are any red flags, discuss your opinion with your husband. Your husband didn’t marry your mother and sister, he married you. 

3. The Combative Wife: These types of wives love a fight and feed off of it. She’ll do anything to fight with her with her husband and purposely provoke him just for the rush of drama. Don’t be surprised when you see these ladies causing a scene in public.

4. The Bloodhound Wife: Probably the most common since we women are natural born detectives - hehe. These wives feel the need to investigate and police their husband's every move. From checking his phone while he’s in the shower to ensuring there are eyes out there whenever he decides to go out with friends, these wives make sure he is tracked.

5. The Daddy’s Girl Wife: It’s exactly what you think it is - daddy’s little girl - the wife who runs to daddy every time there is an argument to report her husband - let’s just hope her husband doesn’t WORK for daddy.

6. The Dusty Wife: Unfortunate name, but these wives step outside ashy as hell, without showering or maintaining themselves. They are quite filthy and only rush to clean anything when there is a visitor. Rather than a welcoming home with cleaned dishes and folded laundry, the house is typically upside down; not exactly the best feeling to come home to.

7. The Party Wife: The wife who insists on happy hour every hour and is concerned more with her outer beauty than the beauty of her family. She negelcts her family and their needs, and even though they do not have the financial luxury to support her lavish ways, she insists on attending every party or outing available while buying a new look each time; that includes shoes, purses, clutches, etc…She typically comes home to enjoy another drink before passing out on the couch.

Alright, keep playing, you're going to come home to some divorce papers.

8. The Stepford Wife:
A widely known term - the spineless wife that tends to every need of the house and her husband. She keeps a very BLAND appearance and behaviour, and is in compliance with everything her husband says, without argument.

9. The Great Wife: This wife is humble but confident, comforting and easy to talk to. She makes her husband feel very confident himself, and uplifts him in every sense; with great communication and consideration of his thoughts and opinions. She has her own thoughts as well, which her husband respects. She adores her husband's humor and can “shoot the shit” back. She cares for the home, her husband and herself and acts as a pillar of strength.

10. The Godly Wife: We don’t mean to get all religious on you, but this is the very loving and caring wife that provides emotional support and spiritually guides the home. She makes extra time for family and treats everyone, especially her husband, with respect.

We notice the majority of these are bad - but in reality, no one is perfect, and each one of us may hold a little bit of each of these in our own lives. But we are curious, ladies, which do you relate to the most?


Fellas, which one are you currently married to?
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