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The Marriage Is Strong With This One

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It was the day before Star Wars was released, and all through the galaxy, not a creature was stirring, not even a wookiee. Okay, that was pretty bad, but I have to talk about the fact that The Force Awakens comes out tomorrow AND that there is a couple who is literally getting married in the theater before the movie begins.


Photo by ArmyWifeArtist


Some of you might be aware that the new Star Wars movie comes out in 10 hours, 15 minutes, and 7 seconds. But what you might not know is that more than 100 people have been camping outside of the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood for over ten days to be the first to see the film. Among these Star Wars mega fans is a lovely couple from the land down undah. Yes, a couple flew from Australia to Los Angeles for the premiere of the new Star Wars flick. I wish I liked anything that much.

So why am I telling you about this on a blog dedicated to all things wedding? Because after being engaged for eight years, the couple has decided to tie the knot directly before the movie begins!  The couple, Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters, have been camping out with the other mega fans in front of the historic theater, and decided that there is no better place to combine their love of Star Wars and of each other.   

According to Independent, Darth Vader will be accompanying Ritter down the aisle in her white wedding gown, and hubby-to-be Porters will complete his tux with a storm troopers bow-tie.  Shortly after they say “I do”, the couple will take their seats and watch the much anticipated movie as husband and wife.

Personally, I think it’s almost romantic to see a couple share such a strong passion for the same thing, but I also know that I would never get married on Hollywood Boulevard. Plus, it is cold as shit outside, and I would be THIS close to turning to the dark side after camping out on the frost streets of LA for multiple weeks.  

Do you think it’s sounds good to get married outside of a movie theater? Or is this not the wedding
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Pretty cool way to get married I guess...