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Baby Nazis

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“Oh, the horror! Oh, the offense! You wretched wretched couple - how dare you ban my children from your wedding!” said no one, ever. At least, we would hope no one! But hey, there are those select few with children whose gears are grind-ed by the invitation to a non-child-friendly wedding.


Is it too much to ask for to desire a wedding that’s vows aren’t accompanied by the wail of a beautiful little darling baby; or whose flawless best man speech - that surely he paid good money for - isn’t interjected by the restless LEGO building of forks, knives and spoons clanking together?

The Mr. and Mrs-to-be shouldn’t have to be a deemed as a "baby Nazi" in order to convey to their guests that they would appreciate arranging for their children to be looked after while they attend the wedding. If anything, those guest should be grateful for the night off - you’re getting a free date night and we’re taking care of the planning! (you’re welcome dads)

Coming from the other side of the baby spectrum, it’s important for the bride and groom to be clear about their request for an adult-only wedding. You can make your guests a little less hostile by offering alternatives to bringing their whippersnappers. For example, if you have a site for your wedding information, you can provide links to recommended babysitting services. Don’t forget to add that they’ll find happiness in the fact that they can get drunk, and share that ever-so-longed-for “alone time” they’ve been yearning for since their little monsters were old enough to crash the mommy-daddy sleep overs.  
The bride and groom should also be ready to accept the possibility that some of the newer parents might not attend; but that’s nothing to turn into bridezilla over - baby has needs, and unless you plan on allowing infants, you just gotta get over it. You’ll understand once you pop out a few. Some guests may take offense, some won’t, but it is important to make yourselves happy on the only day you can call your wedding.  If they are offended and choose not to come, look at the bright side, it’s two less dinner plates you have to pay for!   

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