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Keep Your Girls Warm This Winter (Yes, I'm talking about boobs)

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As the temperature drops, I see brides start to bundle up in scarfs, sweaters, and furs- not willing to give up their perfect strapless gown- and I don’t blame them! For many women, you have had the idea of a perfect wedding dress since you were a little girl, and just because the love of your life is from a farm in middle America doesn’t mean you are now stuck wearing a parka at your winter wedding.



Now, you’re probably thinking, “What is she rambling on about? I already knew that brides can wear long sleeve dresses, carry muffs, and adorn their dresses with beautiful shawls”. Well, if you’ve gotten to know me by now, you would know that my solution isn’t always the most obvious - and frankly, what I come up with is usually quite absurd, but that's why you love me, right?

Whether you’re attending a winter wedding or are part of one, this trick could be a lifesaver. You know those hand warmers that they sell? I’ve personally never bought them, but I thoroughly enjoyed slipping those bad boys between my clothes when I visited my cousins to the north (literally, my Canadian cousins).  I was there for yet another cousin's wedding - these become annual when you come from a large family - and did not know how the hell I was supposed to be photographed all day and night with my high beams on!  That’s when the idea hit me - I was going to share the warmth with the girls (I’m talking about my boobs now).  

There I was, inside a gorgeous Victorian church in the middle of Canada stuffing my bra with hand warmers- how I got to this point in life, I am still figuring out. I can’t believe no one had thought of this before (or told me at least), but at least I’m letting you know now, #youarewelcome. That’s all there is to this trick- stick those pockets of heaven in your shoes, down your dress, even in the middle of the bouquet!

So please, if one of you wonderful readers does indeed try my ingenious idea or has tried  the same thing in the past, let me know how it goes! I promise you won’t be disappointed, and hey - you might even get some nice cleavage going on with that bit of extra padding.  

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