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What To-Do Before Saying "I Do"

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The day before your wedding can become a day full of superstitions and stressors and that can be pretty scary before the biggest day of your life. “Don’t see your fiancé. Drink 100 gallons of water. Don’t call your ex.” #TooStressedToBeBlessed. One wrong move can result in a disaster, and on the flip side, if you play your cards right you can enhance the experience completely and have everything flowing smoothly. So what’s a gal to do?!



We decided to gain some perspective on the matter by asking guys and gals who have already tied the knot what they recommend doing (and not doing) the day before they say “I do”. Some of the responses are hilarious, some are scary, but all are straight from the source.

One reader provided us with a rather obvious "DON’T"-

“Do not drink too much before the wedding. My husband was throwing up before he walked down the aisle because he drank too much the night before.”

But her "DO" was one you may never had thought of-

“Hand your phone and anything else that's unfinished to your bridesmaids!! It cuts your stress down; my maid of honor took my phone and only concerned me with it if she had a question she couldn't answer” - M.B.

Here are some of the other responses we got-

“Do NOT let your buddies plan your pre-wedding evening. The best man can become the worst man real fast!” - J.D.

“Don’t start questioning your makeup, your dress, your shoes, everything! Don’t do it. If you loved it all up until the day before your wedding, you’re psyching yourself out and questioning everything is just an anxiety you don’t need to take on at that time.” - P.T.

“Don’t eat anything that you know typically gives you the runs. Like, for me, I’ll eat chicken one day and feel fine, but the next day it’ll pop up and i’ll need to run to the bathroom” - T.C.

“Take a soothing bubble bath with a glass of champagne. Get good rest before the big day. Usually people like to drink or party, but seriously, have you considered how disastrous you might be after drinking or staying up all night? Not pretty!” - N.L.



Do you have any pre-wedding advice? Let us know in the comments!
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