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Swap Your Bartender For A Bud-tender

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Are you the kind of person who sneaks contraband into a wedding? You know, the one who signals your buddies to take a little trip to the bathroom before the ceremony for some puff-puff-pass? That’d be me. Yep, right here *raises hand*. Nowadays, if we’re lucky, us sly stoners don’t have to sneak our favorite past-time #LegalizeLA. Weed bars, or as I like to call them, “Cannabars” are becoming a “growing” trend at weddings; see what I did there? So, I’m just going to encourage some of you soon-to-be-wed couples - if you’re Mary Jane enthusiasts, why not ditch the bartender for a budtender and make this a wedding that reaches high amongst the rest? (I’m on a roll with these puns)




Some Debbie-dope-downers, I mean wedding guests, might not like the idea of a weed bar; but I have come to witness a simple way to hash that out - see that, I did it again: Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor reception, all you have to do is seclude an area outside and occupy it with a large tent beautifully decorated with your tables of bud, brownies, and bongs. That way, whoever doesn’t want to join in the festivities for the rest of the event can stay away. Try to provide strains that WON’T melt your guests into their chairs - go for the ganja that energizes you (Sativa- not that I know..).  

I’ve been to many-a-wedding with many-a-drunk, and yeah they're fun and all, but this is a new day and age people, let's get with the times. Just as there is such thing as being too drunk, there is such thing as being too high. So, you should definitely monitor the Cannabar to prevent any chronic problems. Not only that, but if I approach an un-monitored table of nuggets and bleezies, I’m either going to be stuffing my pockets for later or trying to make a quick buck, shoot. I’d say get a budtender who is knowledgeable in cannabis and able to distribute proper amounts, as well as know what’s best for that one guest who’s eyes look a little too glossy. There is a variety of reefer, from edibles and hash to vape pens and blunts, that can even be arranged to suit the theme of your wedding - hello customized wrapping papers! On top of the other perks, this bar now doubles as a wedding favor- you're welcome.

There is a lot of leeway when it comes to arranging your cannabar. Lay out the blunt wraps for guests to build their own or have a bunch pre-rolled and ready. How about mini-blunts? People love things in mini form. For you seasoned pros, you can even turn your dessert bar into an array of edible 420 arrangements. Fair warning- you should keep in mind that edibles hit a much harder harder and you might end up with a catatonic wedding party. Be sure to let your guests know that it can take up to two hours for the FULL effects of edibles to kick in. If they start munching on edibles they know nothing about, and don’t feel much in the next 30 minutes, they may continue munching their way straight down the rabbit hole.

Oh! And make sure to keep a snack bar close by. There’s going to be a lot of hungry burners floating around looking for some munchies - trust me.

Have you experienced a Cannabar at your wedding? Let us know in the comments!
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