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What NOT to forget for your Big Wedding Night!

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Weddings are a stressful occasions. Planning for the big day takes a lot of time and effort, but what most people do not remember to plan is the big night! Sadly, without planning the wedding night, there can be unmet expectations.


Here are the 10 things you should NOT do for your wedding night.

  • Do not forget to talk to each other about your expectations, plans, and timing of the wedding and and night.

  • Do not forget to bring cash for the tips you will need to give to the DJ, transportation service, and hotel.

  • Do not forget your ID or passport.

  • Do not get sick. Make sure to eat well, take vitamin C, and not drink too much!

  • Do not forget to get plenty of sleep the night before the wedding because the wedding day will be fun, exciting, but also exhausting.

  • Do not forget to return your tux and make sure not to ruin it!

  • Do not forget to spend time with each other throughout the wedding day. Make sure to have alone time throughout the day.

  • Do not invite family or friends after the reception to your hotel.

  • Do not argue with your spouse or mention anybody else, or compare anything. Remember, you only get this day and night once, so make it a positive one.

  • Make sure you plan every detail in advance. What hotel will you stay at? Will it be the same hotel that your friends and family are staying in? Will you be on the same floor as them?

  • You want to make your night as husband and wife special so make sure you are comfortable. Do you want to decorate your room? As the hotel if they can decorate your room for you.



What other suggestions or ideas can you think of that are important for your wedding night?
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