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The Newlywed Game

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How well do you REALLY know your partner? Whether he or she is your main man or lady, your fiance, or the two of you already tied the knot, do you know your significant other like the palm of your hand? Do you remember a lot from your relationship’s past experiences? Do you know what color her toenails are right now? Where did he take you on your first date?This is the ultimate test in seeing how much you pay attention to your boo and how well you remember all of the times you’ve shared together. You can (and should) play this game with other couples. Make it a competition - cause who doesn’t like one-upping your friends and showing them who the real power couple is? The couple with the most points at the end should win a set of movie tickets or a gift basket - whatever you want!


What you will need:
  • A volunteer to host and distribute the questions
  • Blank paper and markers
  • A separate space where the women/men can leave the room and not hear the questions being asked to the others.

How to play:First Round- While the men leave the room, the host will ask the women 5 questions; the women will write their answers on the sheets of paper. The men will then come back and, couple by couple, they will answer the same questions before each woman reveals her answer. If their answer match, the couple gets 5 points.Second Round- The same as the first, just vise versa and matched answers will be worth 10 points. At the end of this round, the couple with the least points will be eliminated. The highest score you can have is 75. Third Round- This is the bonus round where 1 question will be asked of the remaining two couples. The eliminated couple will choose from the remaining couples which partner will leave the room and which will answer the question. This matched answer will either be worth 20 points, or in the event that one couple's score is significantly lower than the other, it will be a “sudden death” concept.If you can’t come up with your own questions, take some of ours, you can use them both ways:

  • If he was stranded on an island, what two things, besides you, would he be sure to have?

  • Put them in order of priority - Her friends, her job, her “me time” and you.

  • What would he say is most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in front of him?

  • What’s the name of her celebrity crush?

  • What’s the most random place you’ve had sex?

  • What would she say is your most annoying habit?

  • Doggy style, missionary, or something else - his favorite sex position?

  • In a movie of her life, who would play her?

  • What part of your body does he love most?

  • Where does he want to travel to?

  • How many kids does she want?

  • What year did you meet?

  • Cuddling or give me space?

  • What’s his favorite fast food?

  • What’s her nickname for you?

  • What’s his favorite song?

  • What’s the first movie you ever saw together?

  • What’ item of clothing does your spouse wear that you hate?

  • What did he want to be when he grew up?

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