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5 Day-Of Wedding Disasters And How To Deal

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Bride Caught in a Tide

The Disaster: It's the day of the wedding. No matter if the weather is horrible or the dress doesn’t fit, you have to get that dress on, and you need to make it into your ceremony clean and dry with face and hair in tact.

The Solution: If the dress is too big or too small, a needle and thread and a little garnish can do wonders. Can’t zip it up all the way? Don’t force it, zip it as much as can and then sew that bad boy into place. Cover it with your veil, or maybe a ribbon. If your dress is falling off, pull it tight and sew it up in the armpit area. If the weather is not on your side, all you can do is embrace it and take advantage of some vintage or creative umbrellas that will actually make for great photo ops. Of course, have your hair and makeup artist to come along to for last-minute touch-ups.


Grumpy Flower Girl and/or Ring-Bearer

The Disaster: “But I thought they would be SO CUTE and ANGELIC in the wedding!” Welp, this is certainly not the case. Kids will be kids, and some will throw tantrums RIGHT before they have to walk down your aisle, or even WHILE walking down the aisle! Whether they don’t want to wear their little tux, or dress, or they just don’t want to walk in front of a crowd of people, kids DO cry unexpectedly, so don't be surprised.

The Solution: Well, we can’t always expect a kid to be as calm as they are when they’re home playing with their dolls or eating fruit snacks. Often it helps to have the kids mom walk with her/him down the aisle or standing on the other end. However, for the sake of a scream and tear free kid, sacrifice just a little of the elegance and glamour and let the child hold his or her favorite doll or action figure while they walk. This should comfort them a bit. Ice-cream bribes seem to also do the trick.


A Stained Soul

The Disaster: A double-take locks your eyes onto a blood-sucking stain on your dress.

The Solution: Make sure your Maid of Honor keeps a handy tote full of little back up plans and safety tools like deodorant, nail polish, tissue and waterproof mascara. More specifically for this problem, she can utilize some club soda, a white cloth, and white chalk or even talcum powder. Dab the stain with the cloth, drop a very small amount of club soda on the stain and dab it till it comes up. DO NOT RUB! Then, dry it under the bathroom dryer or ask the hairdresser to use a hair dryer. If you still need to cover it up some, use the chalk or Talcum powder.


No Show

The Disaster: One of your bridal party members didn't show or missed their alarm clock.

The Solution: The day before your wedding, talk to your party ahead of time about setting a couple of morning alarms, or better yet, give them all alarm clocks with pre-set alarms asmini bridal party gifts. If they still don’t show up, make sure someone is ready to go wake any missing bridal party members. Worst case, if they don’t show up, you can have their partner walk down the aisle with the flower girl or ring bearer so it doesn’t seem uneven.  He or she can meet up later for the photos.


The Unaccounted for +1

The Disaster: Someone forgot to include their plus one in their RSVP, and now there are less chairs, and not enough food.

The Solution: If you hired a coordinator to make everything run smoothly, most definitely let her fix it. She can figure out with the caterer a way of getting some extra food, and probably even has a few more chairs already stashed away, in case of emergency. If not, no harm in sitting on a boyfriend’s lap. Sorry, Grandma!

Have you been present for a wedding day disaster? How did you handle it?
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