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Brides take to Bleaching & We're NOT talking about their Teeth.

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There is no way to say these things like a lady, I mean I haven’t said much of anything like a lady, but please forgive me as I jump into the topic of bride’s bleaching their lady parts. Oh yes, it is real and we’re here to enlighten you - or rather SKIN LIGHTEN you - on all nethers bleached.

Why do women like to paint their back doors white?

Well thanks to mass media, widely influential instagram models and a scrutinizing population, we women feel all the pressures of having to maintain an almost perfect image; that includes everything from being pretty much hairless (besides of course the Brazilian blowout we should display on our heads) to having perfect skin and teeth.

With all the teeth whitening and platinum blonde hairstyles these days, it was only a matter of time before we found our way down to the bleaching of bungholes.

Because who DOESN’T want their butthole skin and their buttcheek skin to match?

We can thank the porn stars for starting this trend - it’s bad enough our men, well, you know... but to expose them to some fairyland freckles is putting even more pressure on women to have to live up to some fantastical image. Sorry babe, but it's unrealistic. I mean, if he IS back there, what man really cares about the shade of your pucker hole as long as the main goal is achieved? - Ew, starting to gross myself out. 


So you see, for very many reasons, some women have become self conscious about the difference of color between their skin and their anus skin; so they choose to get it lightened. Simple as that.

Now for the RISKS, and there ARE risks contrary to the many spas that offer this service “risk-free”. No no - there’s no such thing in this case. Chances are if you choose to clear the old dirt road at a spa with non-MDs, side effects such as irritation, burning, scarring or even strictures (making your anal hole smaller which can ultimately lead to tearing) can be ignited depending on the process and treatment. Not to mention, the risk of bacterial infection or even herpes if the spa is not clean itself.

Regardless of a non-MD lightening your brown star or getting the treatment by a professional dermatologist, the risk is always present. The process doesn’t always work for everyone, it varies depending on the reactions of different skin types...Not everyone will come out of it like “POOF, look at my white spider!” - given the few who experience total depigmentation; but some arses may be even darker than before.

If that’s not enough information to prove that whitening your hershey highway isn’t worth the risk, we left out one little detail; the darkness will ALWAYS come back. This isn’t some permanent solution to a heavenly hole. So unless you want to keep burning your arse pucker to the point of losing it's true function, we are enforcing a Bunghole Bleaching Ban and recommend sticking to the natural ham flower you were born with.

What are your thoughts on bleaching your lady parts?
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That seems way too extreme to me.. My man doesn't give a damn what my backdoor looks like as long as its his and only his... Lol TMI?