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Would you hire a psychic for a wedding or wedding shower?

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Psychic entertainers are a whole lot of fun for several different sorts of events, but when it comes to a wedding or wedding shower, is it the kind of entertainment you want? Of course, your guests will LOVE it but you do run the risk of someone getting a bad fortune read and completely shutting down. Which poses the question; would you have a psychic at your wedding?



Many people are skeptical, well, not "many people"... just brides. Brides are taking a big risk having a psychic attend their wedding shower or wedding just because there is a chance of getting a nightmare od a reading! Though she may not say it, every bride has to wonder "What if the psychic tells me my marriage is not going to last?"

I don't know about you, but that thought alone is enough for me to decline a Psychic for the entertainment at my wedding party.




If you were a bride, would you hire a psychic?!
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