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Heartfelt Letters

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Weddings are a beautiful event, but as the years go by, things tend to get a little hectic. With kids, work, and many other aspect of marriage life that can make you want to just pull your hair out. But, what if you had a chance to take a moment and go back in time. The time where both you and your significant other could remember how much you love each other and how you can get through anything.

My friend and her husband use to write love notes to each other before when their relationship was young. Throughout the years, they kept all the of letters and created a story book from them. Whenever life gets hectic and crazy, they take a moment and reread their passionate letters to each other. My friend expressed to me that this always calmed them down and made them feel better and rejuvenated. This custom is actually becoming a very popular custom. It is a great idea that can allow yourselves to remember how strong your love really is.



What other ways can you keep the fire burning in a relationship?
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