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Pippa, Please.

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I came across an article on Pippa Middleton's Wedding rules, I mean requirements, I mean desires. I don't really know how to put it nicely because it's such an extremity of RULES; I mean there's only 2, but they make you say WTF, so it's worth talking about.

Some of which I don't think are under her control due to the fact that she is royalty by her sister's marriage, so she too has to abide by SOME rules herself; but the other one that IS in her control, is so annoying!



Let me break it down for you:


1) She is banning any "Plus 1's" if they are not your fiance, husband or wife. That's right, you can either go get engaged, go get married, or go to this wedding Solo... and this technically isn't HER fault. I guess it's some Royal British family rule.


Like I mentioned before, she's royalty by her sister's marriage, so the rules apply to her, also.


2) But here is the teeth-clencher, lip-lifter, eye-squinter, wrist-breaker, forehead-wrinkler that blew my mind. She is requiring that everyone bring two outfits for the wedding. One for the ceremony and another for the reception.


Okay, really?? It's probably already cost me a trillion dollars JUST to attend this wedding, but now I have to buy ANOTHER outfit, just cause you say so?  



Hmmm. My answer:

"I respectfully decline your invitation"





Would you go to a wedding if they told you you needed to bring two outfits?
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