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I See London, I See France...

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Abigail was walking down the aisle to her future husband. She had been waiting for this moment her entire life and in a few moments she would be saying “I do” to the one she loved. She was wearing her beautiful white wedding dress, that had taken her months to find. Then all of a sudden, she heard a child chuckle and say “I see London I see France, I see Abigail's Underpants!” That's when she stopped in horror and looked down at her dress. Her white dress was made of thin silk, which did not hide her bright red underwear that was worn underneath. Fortunately for Abigail, the underwear she chose looked more like a bikini and it was a small wedding where both the bride and groom now laugh about it years later.
Remember when you are picking out a white wedding dress, make sure you know whether or not it can be see-through. A lot of women forget about this key element and are sometimes left with having to walk down the aisle, not aware that everyone can see their under garments. Check before buy!

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Janet Wright
good to know!