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Saving the Date: or Rather, Picking One.

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As a couple, choosing a wedding date is one of the most important and impactful planning decisions that you’ll have to make together. Every other aspect of your big day will be affected in some way by the particular date you choose. Think about it:



Depending on the date, some flowers may be in season, some may not. Depending on the date, weather can be a sure bet or it can be unpredictable. You might want to be aware of some particular holidays or special days, also; for example, you may want to consult with your mother if you're thinking of landing your Big Day around Mother’s day.

“Okay, so how do I pick a date that works with everything I need for my wedding, and to still accommodate everyone who is special to me?”


For every couple, the process in finding the perfect time to say “I do” is uniquely you. Your entire wedding is uniquely you, that’s what makes it even more of a special day. So, where do we start?



Give yourself time:

Planning a last minute wedding can be costly; no, it IS costly - period. Any good business person would take full advantage of a last minute wedding or one that needs to be planned in just weeks by upping their prices - Duh! So you ARE going to pay more if you decide to have a quick wedding. That’s why we recommend giving yourselves time. I’m OCD - meaning my life is scheduled way in advance, because I need to be in control of it. So, if you want to make a custom wedding gown or eveninvitations, you need to consider TIME.


No need to rush, is there?


Your Vision:

What do you see? A winter wedding with an aisle of snow? A colorful, floral wedding? A warm wedding where you and your girls can show a little leg in your dresses and your guests can dress casually in summer clothes? Whatever your vision may be, pin-pointing your desires can help in narrowing down the options for your wedding date.


This also includes how you want your wedding to be viewed or remembered, or what kind of impression you plan to make on your guests. When you finally narrow it down to a few months, you might want to consider if there are any special days that are meaningful to you guys as a couple. For example, maybe one of your parents anniversary lands around one of the dates in one of those months you guys decided on, and you would like to honor them by having your wedding on that day.


Just something to think about.




As any wedding lover or guru should know, the most popular months for weddings are June, September and October due to its beautiful weather. Weather can be unpredictable and can affect many things like whether or not you will be able to capture good photos or if your guests will want to sit outdoors or indoors; but if you pay some mind to how the weather has been in the past, you might get exactly what you want.


However, if you planned an outdoor wedding for this January in California based on last year's weather, you’ve probably realized by now you got the shit end of the stick. In the past, we’ve had horrendous heat waves in the months of December and January, and THIS year we’re experiencing the most rainfall we’ve had in years.


Off-Season Dates:

Getting married in months like March or February can certainly cut costs and fees down on certain things for your wedding but be prepared to spend that saved money in other areas such as flowers. You may spend more on your favorite flowers if they aren’t in season during those months. Just prioritize and establish what’s most important to you regarding all the various aspects of your wedding.


Major Holidays:

This one is pretty self explanatory and obvious. Costs around the holidays generally go up on many things, plus who wants to share the memory of their wedding with Christmas or St. Patricks Day? That’s lame. I want my wedding to be the ONLY event. Not to mention, airfare is high, if you are having friends or family fly in.


If they even WANT to fly in (I mean, sorry but I’d rather spend my New Years watching the ball drop then watching a wedding after I just paid $800 for a plane ticket. No offense!)


Plus, hotels and venues can charge out the ying-yang on big holiday weekends or even during large sporting events like the Superbowl.



There you have it; That’s pretty much it. I think I would START by making a list of what the most important aspects of my wedding are, and what are least important. Then take it from there. Remember, teamwork makes the dreamwork. You and your hubby should try to do this together so nothing is left out and no surprises pop up!


Good luck!




What's most important to you to make your wedding day come together flawlessly?
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