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When Friends Fall in Love

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Because the myth is that eventually you and your best friend are bound to fall in love and realize that you’ve been meant to be more than just friends for a long time. They say that some of the sweetest love stories are the ones that start from a friendship. Sometimes that tells true, other’s that is not the case. But for these movies flicks, it was:


Friends with Benefits


I feel like this is the epitome of ‘friends gone lovers’. And who better than to show us how friends with benefits can turn into lovers and benefits. When these two tried their best to stay strictly friends with benefits, it ends up turning into way more than that; Love.  


Humberto Ramos

I mean, duh! This is the ultimate friends-to-lovers movie. Next door neighbors, spent years talking over their yard fence while Peter Parker retains his adoration for every part of her being and she has no clue. But then he gets bit by a spider, and turns into this wonder boy who Mary Jane sort of falls for; Spiderman. Not knowing it was Peter, the secret eventually works itself out when she finds out who Spiderman really is.


13 Going on 30


This is sweet - Two childhood friends who were instantly grown apart because of 13 years old Jenna Rink’s wish to be 30, ended up reuniting for business as adults. While Jenna became 30 overnight, her friend Matty spent 17 years separating from his bestfriend after she treated him poorly at her 13th birthday party. Only Jenna realizes her true feelings for her childhood best friend and takes a chance on love when she discovers he is engaged.

Just Friends

French Toast Sunday

I won’t lie, I just saw this movie for the first time when I found it on Netflix, and I LOVE IT. Well, I love Ryan Reynolds… That might have more to do with my appreciation for the movie. Anyway, in a nutshell let me break it down:  Geeky, heavyset boy and Popular, gorgeous girl are best friends since youth, boy obviously in love with girl; she doesn’t feel that way. Years go by and boy sheds 100lbs, has a successful career and a nice car; he comes back to his hometown to reunite and hopefully ignite a new flame between him and the girl but she is not charmed by the personality that comes with all the fancy stuff. Ultimately, he goes back to being himself and he wins the girl.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno


One of the funniest movies I ever saw; and completely crazy. These two broke best friends were meant for one another the second the movie began. You could see it in the ways they acted and reacted to things going on in their lives. They were getting through things together, paying the bills by making a porno video, and then they finally felt a spark they didn't know existed in them once they had sex. See, so maybe first time sex isn’t always about infatuation, and can actually create love… Or it manipulates you to believe you are in love (which is what most people would agree with).

Loved ALL of these! Didn't you?! I often find myself looking at my best friend wondering if it's gonna happen. Am I going to fall for this brute, burping, sir-eat-a-lot, sasquach of a man someday?! Stay tuned..



What other movies can you think of where friends fall in love?
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