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The Lover's Checklist

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We know how difficult having a relationship can be; two completely different people with completely different DNA who are programmed with different desires, needs, ideas, personalities, expectations and values. In many cases, these vary drastically, so we have compiled a checklist of ideas that can help you recognize if you are in a successful relationship, where your relationship is working, and where it can use some improvement.


Have at it Lovers:


  1. We know each other like the back of our hand.
  2. We present a united front.
  3. We are committed to a common goal.
  4. We trust each other.
  5. We know that we can get through the tough times by supporting and loving each other.
  6. We treat each other with respect.
  7. We feel respected.
  8. We openly express our love.
  9. We appreciate each other and express it.
  10. We love each other for who we are, flaws and all.
  11. We love ourselves first
  12. Our self-love creates an unconditional love for each other.
  13. We feel loved.
  14. We are compassionate toward each other.
  15. We feel acknowledged.
  16. We take care of ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically.
  17. We take care of each other spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically.
  18. We can be ourselves and communicate openly about anything.
  19. We make time for each other to have conversation.
  20. We communicate well by talking, listening, compromising and negotiating.
  21. When we argue or disagree, our goal is to strengthen the relationship rather than win the argument.
  22. When we disagree, we do not attack each other.
  23. We feel heard.
  24. We like who we are when we’re together.
  25. We keep our flame lit by exploring life together.
  26. We know each other’s expectations.
  27. We know and support each other’s dreams.
  28. We support, not dominate each other.
  29. We share values, as well as, respect the values we do not share.
  30. We try to understand and respect each other’s views on things.
  31. We use conflict to strengthen our bond.
  32. We share our materials things and resources while caring for them equally.
  33. We share responsibility for things in life like our home and finances.
  34. We share equal responsibility for our relationship.
  35. We genuinely like each other.
  36. We have together lives and separate lives.
  37. When we are apart, we think about each other and express it without desperation.
  38. We love spending time together.
  39. We feel secure as individuals.
  40. We complement each other, not "complete" each other.
  41. We give each other space while providing companionship.
  42. We happily let each other have a social life.
  43. We let each other have interests outside the relationship.
  44. We share secrets.
  45. We have inside jokes.
  46. We do our best to understand each other’s desires, expectations and needs.
  47. We are in sync emotionally and sexually.
  48. We are in tune energetically.
  49. We have wonderful sex.
  50. Our sexual needs are met nearly every time.
  51. We make quality time for each other.
  52. We remember, recognize and prioritize important days, events and dates.
  53. We share a sense of humor about life.
  54. We understand each others’ family dynamics but also strive to create our own.
  55. We truly are best friends.
How many of these apply to you and your loved one?
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