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NEWBIE ALERT: Welcome to the Wedding Videography Industry!

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What better time than wedding season to interview a new wedding videographer?!


We support ALL of our professional wedding vendors out there and today we wanted to take a look inside the mind of an up and coming wedding videographer, Rex Bridgeforth of The Sure Shot Wedding Cinematography. The Sure Shot Wedding Cinematography is a video production company based in Ventura County, California that plans to deliver high quality recaps of your beautiful wedding day. We are going to see just how he plans to do that!


Take a look at this teaser video of a recent wedding shot by The Sure Shot Wedding Cinematography & GD3.
Then check out the exclusive interview with Rex:

The Sure Shot Wedding Cinematography

#1 How did you get started filming weddings & is this your main business?

I started shooting music videos first. One of my photographer friends saw my production and was impressed with what I showed her; so she told me I should shoot weddings. She introduced me to my first wedding gig which I basically shot for free. I gave the couple the option of buying the video after I finished it - if they liked it. It is not my main business right now but once my clientele picks up I would love to do it full time.


#2 How would you describe your production style & approach? 

My production style is straight up gorilla - Lol

(for those who don't know what "gorilla" means, it means he goes hard in the paint - he works with whatever is thrown at him - he gets the job done no matter what! BAM! Heck ya, that's what we like to hear!)

I never know how I am going to attack a project until I feel the energy of the location. I feel like I am still a newbie at this so I’m striving to find my particular style - I’m basically free falling until I land on something that fits me.


#3 What is your booking process?

Right now my booking process is pretty fickle. For most of my gigs, the couples hire a photographer, and the photographer has a guy who does video, aka “me”. So in my case, I am pretty much a “work for hire” for photographers; and they do the booking.


#4 Is it just you, or do you have a second videographer who comes along with you?

I do use a second cameraman and I have someone who helps with audio.


We're capturing all angles people!


#5 What input do you want from your clients before you shoot?

I don’t necessarily look for input from the couple, aside from getting a feel of who they are when I first meet them and gaining a knowledge of what type of wedding they are having. I may listen to the music that is being played by the DJ during the reception to get a feel for the couples taste, but most of the time they simply rely on me to know what I am doing; and I do it.


A man who doesn't need to be told what to do - mmm, we like it!


#6 Who inspires your work?

No person in particular, I'm just in love with the process and everything about it already felt familiar to me. A very similar thought process applies to creating music; which has been my main area of expertise.

Passion?    "CHECK"


#7 What is the MOST important aspect of your profession?

I think the most important part of this profession is to be friendly and outgoing. Generally, when I attend a wedding it's the first time I meet the couple. I am taking part in something that is intimate, so it is important to me that I don’t act like a stranger or be timid because I don’t want that energy to be reciprocated and then translated into the video. Making a couple comfortable, makes for a natural and quality keepsake video.


#8 What is your favorite part when shooting the wedding?

The reception for sure; but the whole day is always a really good time. Everyone’s spirits are high and all the guests and bridal party are having a good time - that type of energy is contagious.


Heck ya it is! The Wedding Expert knows, yes we do.


#9 As a new wedding videographer, what is your ultimate goal, or what do you hope to achieve this year?

Currently, my ultimate goal is to get better and better with my craft. I would like to turn this into a full time business. I am learning as I go and progressing with every wedding I do - I learn something new each time.


#10 What else do you feel is left to do in order to get your business rolling in the wedding industry? 

I think at this stage I need to focus on providing the best possible product I can offer and not be afraid to try new things. I'll admit, I have to do better at not automatically thinking someone is attacking me when they are giving me creative and constructive criticism - I realize how important it is to my growth, both in the business and as a person so that I can really give my best to this industry.


So wait, he doesn't need to be told what to do, he captures all angles, he goes hard AND he recognizes where he needs to improve?!
Somebody HIRE this man! 



#11 Would you like to shout anyone out? Clients, family, people who have motivated you?

I would like to thank Nessa from Old Soul Photography who got me first wedding. George - aka GD3 - who is a camerman, as well as, my business partner - & - Andrew from Amori Wedding, who pretty much has taken me under his wing - helping me with bookings and getting my business rolling.


We want to thank Rex for taking the time to give us a glance at what it is like for an up and coming videographer in the wedding industry.

Please take a moment to visit his website and facebook!




What tips can we give to our newbie in becoming a successful wedding videographer?
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