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Unplug Your Wedding

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Weddings and cellphones go together like vodka and an ex-boyfriends. Yeah, it may be fun at the time, but it really just ends up causing problems and getting in the way. I’m talking about the epidemic of guests ruining professional photographs and disturbing wedding ceremonies with their ringing, flashing, whatever it is doing that it shouldn’t be doing, cellphones.


Photography by Thomas Stewart Photography

Many professional wedding photographers have spoken out about how cellular devices get in the way of a great photo and literally in the way of the professionals trying to take the photos - but none have gotten as much attention as wedding photographer Thomas Stewart just did.

Stewart, being fed up with cellphones and point-and-shoot cameras getting in the way of his photographs, did what everyone does when they’ve had enough - he posted an epic rant to Facebook.  His words went viral almost instantaneously, accompanied by a photo (above) he snapped, in which a groom had to LITERALLY look around wedding guests and their smartphones just to see his bride.

“This groom had to lean out past the aisle just to see his bride approaching. Why? Because guests with their phones were in the aisle and in his way”

You might be saying to yourself, “This is the 21st century, our phones capture great pictures, why shouldn’t we use them?” While technology has obviously provided us with the leisure of taking great pictures at a moments notice, your friends just paid a shit-ton of money to have a professional photographer at their wedding, and sorry to break it to you but, your selfies just don’t compare.  

The new phenomenon is called an Unplugged Wedding. The gist of it is simple - couples have their guests turn off their electronics and be fully involved in the moment - I know, crazy. Turning off all of your devices not only keeps photographers happy and guests out of their way, but makes sure you don’t have ringtones interrupting your vows, and *gasp* allows guests to be present during your ceremony.

In a world obsessed with documenting what we had for lunch and sharing everything on Myspace (kidding, sorry Tom), it's hard to put down the phone when someone picks up the toast glass. Here are some ways couples are making the temporary break-up with our phones a little easier-

  • Have your wedding officiant ask guests to turn off or silence their phones before the ceremony

  • Include that you will be having an “unplugged wedding” on your invitations - that way guests can even leave their devices at home

  • Provided something like a photobooth so your Instagram junkies have something to share

If you do plan on having an unplugged wedding, be sure to let your guests down easy. Try to be kind when asking them to power down. If they happen to disregard all of your requests, you know who to throw cake at first.

Read Thomas Stewart's full rant on his Facebook page.

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